Getting Even With Government

If government can invent the law, or can break the law, then there is no law.


!!! Slow them down, hold them at bay, or stop them in their tracks !!!

* * * Make Government Prove the Law * * *
And their legal authority!

Whether it is city, county, state,
or any number of federal agencies
EPA, DOE, BLM, USFW, or even the IRS.

Powerful information is now available on NARLO's Landowner Handbook

NARLO's Landowner Handbook

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Are you tired of being pushed around by an out-of-control, rogue government, like the IRS, that has no respect for the law, owns the court system, is arrogant and has become the Master, rather than the Servant? Do you want to regain your self-respect and feel like you are controlling your own destiny instead of capitulating to government fear and intimidation? Do you have the courage to push back against this vicious bully that has no master? If so, click on the above image. However, if you fear government, this website is not for you.

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The material contained in NARLO's Landowner Handbook package is only meant as a suggestion or an example and that such material may be applicable to a certain individual situation, provided it is not contrary to local, state, or federal law. The information contained in the package is not the product of a legal firm, or a single attorney. However, the reader must know and understand that only attorneys that have passed the bar in the state in which they practice are legally authorized to dispense legal advice and make such a determination. The purveyors of this website hereby irrevocably assert and affirm that they are not practicing law, nor advancing legal, financial, or any other advice in any manner whatsoever, in providing said sample letters or affidavits.

Under no circumstances are we advocating that anyone break the law, provided, of course, that it can be determined what the law is. Further, if the reader uses this information in their own situation, they do so at their own risk. If the reader believes that they need qualified legal advice regarding these issues, we strongly urge them to get that advice.

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